DVD recording

I am just getting started making videos, I have a Samsung 34x video recorder. Have no problems with uploading videos to my computer and I have purchased roxio dvd software to help me edit great videos, also have windows movie maker, which is easy to use. Now to my question, can I record onto my cd rom using a dvd? So far I haven’t been able to figure it out, if I can. When I try to burn, it shows up on grey box that drive is empty. Do I have to purchase an external setup for a dvd like my cd rom?

Rom drives are read only and can not burn to any media. DVD burners are low cost upgrade.

Sorry my terminology is not very good. I don’t speak very good in computer language. I have a Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252S. Which says it has DVD/CD-rom drives. But I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong when I try to burn a dvd. Not having any problems burning cds. I have been using Maxell dvd-r and maxell dvd-rw, both are showing drive is empty when I try to burn. I just know there is something I am overlooking, but have not figured it out. Friend of mine suggested I use cdfreaks to figure it out.

Sounds like a combo drive made a few years ago; a CD burner with a DVD Rom, it will not burn DVDs. Time to upgrade.

What are your suggestions?

Check a site like Newegg for DVD+/-R/RW drives many cost less than $60, work very well.