Dvd Recording

I just purchaced a DVD Record and i would like to know if you can record more than 120 minuets

It depends how long the “minuets” are.


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In extended mode you can go further but loose quality.

That’s assuming they meant DVD Recorder vs. DVD Re-writer. It would help if people posted their system specs so these responses are somewhat accurate.

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If I were more knowledgeable reguarding putting more than 2 hours on a single DVD, I’d offer my advice, but alas, I am not. Perhaps there’s a way to use DVD Shrink to further compress files that render more than two hours enough that they will fit on a disk with a capacity of 4.7G. I’m really entirely unsure.


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Sometime people cut up a little but the most of the time it is help.

Yes this is a Q&A forum but everyone is here on there own time. No one has to help you or the next person if they dont want to. If you would look around and do a search like alot of people should there is a very good chance there is already a topic on a similar situation. you would be surprised how mant time the same old crap gets asked…How do I burn this / that? What kind of burner or rom to buy? and so on.

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I have no idea what DALLAS asked about, but if some one knows, please, explain it to me too.

I will post my system’s specks once I edit profile.

Thanks in advance.

He simply asked if there is a way to burn DVD’s longer than 120 minutes in length.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but that would require stripping some “extras” from original, or using a dual layer.

As I said, I’m new to this, and I read everything that I can find on it.
There is a lot, but I’m still putting my rig together and haven’t try anything yet.
On the first try, mem stick went out. So it’s strictly theoretic so far. But I want to be prepared.