DVD recording problems

THis may be a silly question but i’ll pose it anyway. Ive been downloading movies that are saved as avi files using a great downloading site.

The problem is that i cant figure out how to put these movies onto dvd so I can watch them on my home entertainment system. The movies are no more than 1.6 gigs but for some reason wont fit onto a blank dvd disk. Ive been using CyperLink Multimedia launcher and have tryed using Nero express.

Is there any particular software that can help me with this problem or is it just a case of having to watch them on my computer

Any solutions would be a great help


really a silly question, buy the movie, on backing up questions everybody will help

I saw nothing in his post that indicated these were copyrighted movies. Hell, they could be anything as far as we know.

I’ve been keeping this secret for too long. But people have been downloading free “home made” movies from my site for a while now. Mostly of me walking around the house naked, or banging my euro roommates. The site’s name’s Stoner’s Apartment.

lol@Stoner :bigsmile:

ok guy´s maybe i´m wrong (xcuse if yes)

I thought that leggo man was you Stoner!! Way to tear it up…LOL

Actually…in fairness…Atom films and a fiew other sites have some fairly hi def clips to download that I’ve been tinkering with too…( well ok, Danni Ashe’s naked joke of the week…but who’s asking…) that are a lil harder to plink onto a disk than an avi…