DVD Recorders

I’ve tried to discuss this in other forums but without success. So I’m assuming that BenQ owners (a) also have TV DVD Recorders and (b) know what a really good scan looks like.

So my questions are:

(1) Do all DVD Recorder scans look as bad as my Liteon 5005 ? The only other one I have tested so far is a Philips. I have used Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim etc a always get the same results. To be on the safe side I always re-record to Fuji on my pc and as you would expect with a BenQ1620 or a Plextor 716A get scores of 97 or 98%.

(2) Does it matter. I have found that older DVDs still play in the liteon but those recorded on crap media can not be read by DVD shrink nor DVD decrypter - so I’m unable to make better copies.

(3) Is there a better DVD Recorder out there - capable of BenQ1620 results ?

Link might have some info


Have you got the latest firmware for your Liteon 5005. Dont forget the drive inside the Liteon 5005 is just a normal Liteon DVD writer from what i remember its either a 8xx series or 4xx series. So it just like any PC dvd recorder it will need firmware updates to increase media compability. Liteon releases firmware updates for hte 5005 regularly. So download the latest see if that fixes problems.

thanks will check it out

Oh on side not updates can be found here http://www.liteonit.com/DC/english/download.htm

Yes – well I did have a few weeks ago so will check again.
Even when I use Taiyo Yuden I get lots of yellow. Also with a Philips the quality is not the same.

Is anyone able to burn a DVD on their home TV recorder and get good Nero DVD speed Quality test results ?

well set top dvdrecorders record at lower speeds than those PC based internal/external drive…

Have just downloaded the latest firmware and updated no problem. Am now recording and will run a Nero DVD quality test later.

Looking at the recommended Media for the 5005 I noticed that the max speed of DVDs recommended is 4x. As I only have 8X dvds perhaps thats why the scans look so bad ?

just ran a test with the latest liteon firmware and the results were no worse but also no better.

So I thought I’d try and old 1X DVD to see if using 8X was the problem.
The result is attached. Also ran a Nero DVD speed quality check on a second BenQ just to be sure that the results were real. I watched the whole of the DVD recording using a Pioneer DV 2750 without problems.

The I used DVD Decrypter to rip to the hard drive. No problem.

So do DVD quality checks on DVDs burned in a Recorder have any value ? Does the slow burn at 1X make these tests invalid ? can anyone explain what is going on ?

I don’t really see that your first burn is anything but good. It is much better than many burns I was able to get with my Liteon. I am well aware that it is not as good as you expect with with quality burners like BenQ, LG, NEC and the like but for an 8X or 4X Liteon it is what I would expect to see. It does play and the errors are, for the most part, correctable. The scan you posted for the older 1X media reflect the lower quality of the media.

It is certainly possible that you could get better from Pioneer or Panasonic (my E-50 does produce better burns but not much) but I would rip the Recorder burn and reburn on a writer if I really wanted to improve the quality of my copy. But I would expect that good quality media will be readable in the future as well as it is today. For the cost of a different recorder ($250) you could reburn 750 new discs on your 1620 so I don’t know if I would really change what you have now.


I’m doing as you suggest. Anything I want to keep I Re-record ( removing advertising etc)

My other long term concern has been to try to determine what makes a good or bad burn. Yes the old 1x disk is very poor but it can still be read by 3 stand alone Recorders and can be copied by DVD decrypter. I have made other TV recordings on bad media which although they play back can no longer be saved
using DVD shrink, decrypter etc.

I’m going to wait for the next generation of recorders before buying again

Same here, I burned my fingers on a Philips 890 and had nothing but problems (discs could not be read by standalones or writers) and 1 week after the garanty expired, so did the recorder. I will wait a long time before buying a new one.

Dual layer recorders are already making prices for the current generation sink.