DVD Recorders with Hard drives

If there is already a thread sorry, I couldnt find one!!!

Is there a good thread with info on Hard Drive DVD recorders? If not what are the best buys and any feed back from people who have gone that way

Panasonic does make DVD recorders with hard drives. I think Pioneer and Sony do too. I have seen one myself on a supermarket here in Italy. Unfortunately they are very expensive (price was about 600-1000 €) and many people don’t feel the need of one…

About the Panasonic, while watching it I saw “DVD-RAM video recorders”. Pretty simple to understand, as Panasonic is THE main supporter of the DVD-RAM format (I was about to buy a DVD writer of that brand!), but I couldn’t read if it recorded to DVD-RAM only.

The price of a HDD DVD Recorder is much higher than of a simple one. And to be honest with you, I think that because of practical reasons it is more advisable to buy a DVD Recorder without HDD (and use RW media and later burn to R media).

And just another idea: Philips also produces HDD DVD Recorders.

The problem with a dvd recorder without a hard drive is the limited record time, we quite often want to record up to 6-8 hrs over a weekend and you always end up trying to find space… The idea of have a 100 hrs+ that you can record and watch at will burning anything you want to keep seems a massive advantage…

get a standalone dvd duplicator : http://supertechstore.com/dvddu1to7pi1.html

JVC makes also DVD Recorders with harddrives.

One example I know is the JVC DR-MH30S used in the JVC QP-F90AL Home Cinema Set.

There is a lot of info at the AVS Forum I have a Panasonic E100 hard drive/DVD recorder. Very nice.

Sharp DVD recorders have 160GB HDD. They can even record to Blu-ray, two Blu-ray discs at once actually!

LG and Samsung have similar products but most other companies except several Japanese companies and Philips will start releasing Blu-ray HDTV recorders with built-in HDDs and other functionalities in 2005. Even Sony and Sharp produce very few such products.