Dvd recorders with Hard drive

Hi i need to purchase a new dvd recorder with hard drive as my Toshiba one isnt working anymore :a

i was wondering which you would recommend?

my current dvd recorder is a Toshiba rd-xs32 its 2 years old and has probably made over 150 disc after i converted all my old VHS on to dvd the disc drive is making a noise and wont recognize any discs and the clock keeps losing time

i am thinking of buying another toshiba as i was impressed with it the editing was easy and i think i have abused the dvd recorder making so many discs :o

but i am concerned with some of the reviews on my old dvd recorder as i’m not the only person to have the same problem :confused:

should i buy another toshiba?

Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Pioneer to name a few.

which is the best to buy?