DVD Recorders: Still a Dicey Technology?

It’s been a year or so since I last visited these forums. Had a Philips DVDR985 fail (of course) right around the the last time I was in here. Replaced it with a JVC (DR-MV77). It’s belly-up too–at least on the DVD side…haven’t played with the VCR side much since I already have a SVHS recorder), but it might still be in warranty. Decided to do a look-around to see if the same issues are cropping up with this class of consumer electronics.

I know forums like this one are going to attract the folks who are having problems. People who aren’t having trouble with their machiness aren’t going to be motivated to go on Internet messageboards to trumpet the news.

Still, does it seem to you that the technology of set-top DVD recorders is still in its infancy, what with all the machines that just roll over and die without warning? Or in some cases, just degrade to the point of uselessness?

Maybe I should just run my VHS collection (and whatever DVDs I successfully recorded) through a digitizer and make DivX files out of everything. At least those would play on my portable device. :rolleyes: