Dvd recorder



i have a philips dvd recorder
the dvd writing function is out of order
i want to view the recorded files or record them to my pc
so that i can burn them to a dvd through my pc and empty the
hard disc of the recorder.
i connected the dvd recorder by 1394 cable
how shall i proceed now?
thanks for the information.




what is this idiot puzzle against a simple question?
please reply reasonably


RTFM? I doubt your ‘philips dvd recorder’ will output over FireWire. Most of them use it only for input from a camcorder.


[QUOTE=goodcompany;2512093]what is this idiot puzzle against a simple question?
please reply reasonably[/QUOTE]

That’s the strangest thing. It’s no puzzle at all. According to the normal Firewire recording schematics and procedure… you just press record on the recording device or press play on the playing device. The DV takes care of the internal communications.

If you could also tell us what you connected at the other end of the 1394 cable? A pc? A recorder? A toaster?


ok sorry i think i misunderstood.:slight_smile:
the other connection is to the pc.
i expected that the pc would define the dvd recorder
as an external disc but it didn’t.
thanks for your help and for any further information.


With a Windows XP machine you should be able to use Windows Movie maker to record your videos. There is a drawback though: Windows Movie maker works with WMV files. Not DVD files.