Dvd recorder

My PHILIPS DVDR985 is dead. It was made in 2002. Does anyone here have a similar unit that uses either PLUS or MINUS discs, R/RW single layer, or maybe even multi format unit. I am not looking for extreme quality, but rather a unit that is more closely related to a vcr. This unit is very easy to operate, with minimal SETTINGS to worry about beyond record speed. Built in tv tuner, and three analog line in. Only downside is that a rf modulator is needed. I would prefer one with a built in unit like a vcr. I do not want to add more external units than needed. The trend for the current models of vcrs is to remove tuners and modulators. Again technology is going in the wrong direction, and the public suffers for it, again. $s are a factor here. I would think an older unit would probably meet my needs, less complicated. I pick up my messages quickly. Thank you.