DVD Recorder

I am considering seriously of purchasing the LiteOn Player/Recorder LV-W5001.I need to hear from anyone of their opinion of this product.I want a dvd recorder to to record movies from the digital cable my cable company carries.Will i be satisfied with the LiteOn DVD Recorder and also i will be using it to record daily programs on a DVD+RW.It is it an involved process to using the same disc over and over and will the recorder record up to 6 hrs or more on the RW disc?
Any feed back will be helpful to me before i make the purchase.The LiteOn Player/Recorder is availabe at Circuit City for $199 after a $30 discount.

The longer you record the lower the bitrate used the lower the quality. I personally find 6 hours mode unwatchable and widescreen signalling is switched off in extended recording modes. DVD+RW has the advantage of not having to be finalized in order to take it and play it on another player. DVD-RW has to be finalized to play it on another player (Except some Pioneer models). Finalizing can take some time depending on how much you recorded onto the disc.

I personally have a Pioneer DVD-R/RW and am very happy with it. It was a little more than something like a LiteOn but has features like chase play (Record and playback at the same time which can be handy for time shifting) and generally gives a better quality image than ‘budget’ brands.