DVD Recorder Wont Record?

I bought a dvd recorder for my tv but when i try to record some films it comes up Protected Content is there any way i can overide this?

I have a lite on lvw- 5006

Please Help

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Unfortunately that “Protected Content” message means that the DVD recorder has detected copy protection signalling. As the 500x is quite sensitive to falsely detecting picture distortion as copy protection signalling (such as from a poor quality VHS tape), this may be the case when recording from your TV. However, if you keep getting that message even as soon as you press record, then it means that the TV channel you are recording from uses Marovision or some other form of copy protection signalling.

If you just occasionally get this message, such like 10 to 20 minutes into the recording, you can try fine-tuning the channel up or down a few steps to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise, if it is definitely copy protection signalling in the broadcast, then you will need to load on unofficial firmware with Macrovision checking disabled in order to record from the TV channel(s) giving you the issue. Have a browse about this forum as there are plenty of threads discussing the use of modified firmware. Just be warned that if you use unofficial firmware on your LiteOn DVD recorder, this may invalidate its warranty. :rolleyes: