DVD Recorder with HDD and Network capability


I’m looking for advice or a recommendation for a DVD Recorder with the following abilities:

1 Play DVD
2 Integrated HDD
3 Record to HDD
4 Record to DVD
5 Ethernet Network connectivity,
5a allowing media on network drives to be used by the system
5b allowing media on system to be sent/written to network drives
6 Internet connectivity, allowing access to online media

Ideally I’d like as quite as possible box as opposed to my previous systems that have been Windows Media Centre PCs.

I’m basically trying to get a system that will allow me to record TV, which could then be transferred onto my network drives, and then be able to also playback movies from my network drives.

TIA - Derrick

There are some available that handle 1-4. I’ve yet to see any which include 5 or 6.