Dvd recorder with divx



I am in the market for a new dvd recorder mainly for the purpose of playing movie files with the extensions
mpg, avi, etc…

but also with a hdd so I can record programs without the need for a dvd

What would be the best system for playing all the different types of extensions (I have heard that some divx compliant dvd players sometimes do not play all the file extension formats)?



I don’t think that there are many DVD Recorders with HDs that also play DIVX files, maybe a new Philips model? Anyway, I would not restrict myself to this combination if I was you, I would just concern myself with a separate DIVX/XVID/MPEG4 player and DVD Recorder. That way you won’t be restricted to buying a model of DVD Recorder that might not be as good as another just in order to have DIVX playback. And I’d also use a separate player from an expensive HD/DVD recorder so that you don’t put unnecessary wear on the DVD Drive in the Recorder.


I know the combination is rare but here are some models I found:

Sony RDR HX710, Pioneer DVR-540H, Samsung DVD-HR735, Philips DVDR3360H, LG RH1888H, PANASONIC DMR-EH55, LG DR7922W

does anyone own or recommend any of these?

scoobiedoobie your view is fair enough, but i’m guessing the cost of buying two seperate systems would cost significantly more, unless you can provide me with some models that you can recommend.


You can buy a DIVX compatible player for $30 and up (such as the Philips DVP642), definitely not much of an additional cost compared to the cost of a HD/DVD Recorder. And if you play discs often I would really suggest using a separate player instead of wearing out the drive in the recorder. I don’t know much about the LG Recorders or the Samsung, the Pioneer recorders are typically some of the better ones and Pansonic models are pretty good as well, older Philips Recorders are awful although the new ones are ok (menus/operation isn’t very user-friendly with them but record quality is fine from what I’ve seen), Sony quality looked pretty good from what I’ve seen but I don’t know much about them otherwise. I’d probably say Pioneer and Panasonic just from what I know but I’m not familiar with them all.

DVD+HD Recorders are a fairly expensive investment and many of these recorders were poorly designed and/or had performance issues (poor media support, bad burn quality, incompatible burn formats, poor picture quality, etc.) in the past so choose carefully and don’t make lack of DIVX support be a factor against an otherwise good model. You can buy a DIVX player cheap, and upgrade to another model supporting more of the new MPEG4 formats, I can basically guarantee that you’ll want to get a model supporting additional formats such as WMV in the next year or two as prices drop and they become more common, so once again don’t make DIVX support or lack of it a deciding factor, and as I said if you plan to play discs often then you would be wise to put that wear on a separate player that would be much more inexpensively replaced than a DVD Recorder anyway.