DVD Recorder vs Comcast DTA

I have Comcast Basic Cable and a DVD/VHS recorder/player. Worked fine until Comcast made me take a DTA box for the channels they are changing from analog to digital. Box was free.

But now, regardless of how I connect Box, Recorder and TV cannot use recorder. Comcast says that at best will only be able to pre-program recording of one channel vs the multiple channels I used to be able to record before the DTA ( Digital Transport Adapter). Do I need a cable splitter and some other version of a cable box to be able to record tv programs in advance. Or has that option gone away,now. Thanks for any help… john

The trouble is that you used to use the built-in tuner inside the DVD/VHS recorder to tune in the channel. This is now done by the digital box.

The output of the digital box is one channel only and not a bunch of channels (it’s already been “tuned” to a channel").

So you can’t “tune in” on a specific channel anymore on your recorder.

The best you can achieve is indeed record the channel that the box has been tuned to (scart out of the box to the scart in of the recorder).

This is one of the main reasons i still don’t have digital cable myself.

In some occasions the analog signal is still transmitted over the cable. In that case you need to set up a splitter first, then give one signal output to the recorder and the other to your digital box. This way you can watch digital channels via your digital box and record analog signals using the built in tuner of your recorder again.

I have exactly the same issue and have been very frustrated with Comcast in trying to resolve the problem. I also discovered that the installation of the DTA cable box disabled the record function of my conventional Panasonic DVD recorder. I have spoken with several people from Comcast about it, and there appears to be no recourse in taping TV shows except to buy an expensive unit. Actually, a Comcast technical rep. said over internet chat I could have free DVR rental from Comcast because I am a “tripleheader customer,” (TV, phone and computer), but when I went to the office with that message, I was told that the rental for the DVR unit still was over $19.00 per month, so I decided not to rent it. I am wondering why no one at Comcast told me that the new box would disable DVD recording and/or why in the first place Comcast made a change for the worse for its customers. I have not received any satisfactory answers to these questions. Now I am wondering what an economical way there might be to record TV shows for later playback. Any ideas?

I am having the same problem. It is very frustrating, either pay for the DVR, $15 a month, or not be able to watch and record separate channels. I have to set my VCR to channel 3 and put the TV on the channel I want to record. This means [B][U]DON’T[/U][/B] forget to tune the TV to the channel you want recorded before you turn it off and I can’t watch another channel while recording.
I want to record channel 7 at 12pm
Program VCR to record at 12pm channel 3
set the TV to channel 7

Confused enough :confused: