DVD Recorder + VCR Combo + Divx Player

Hi, i’m looking to buy a dvd+vhs combo player, that:

(1) has a dvd recorder
(2) plays divx and xvid format movies

could you please help me out? i have researched a little, and i only came up with one option that fits the conditions so far: Samsung HD Conversion DVD/VCR Combo (DVD-VR335)

the only problem with this one is that it has been getting a lot of bad user reviews.

is there anything else you can suggest? or can you tell me something good about the samsung one?

thanks a lot

If your intent is to transfer VHS to DVD, I’d strongly suggest using a dedicated VCR, like a JVC SVHS unit. The results will be much better, although cost will be a tad higher buying 2 units vs one.

no, it’s mainly to record from tv. but we definitely need a combo. (we don’t have enough space on our little shelf for two things :slight_smile:

I seem to recall a LG model with DIXV playback, but I’m often wrong. I’m sure the Samsung would be fine as well.

has anyone heard anything about the samsung one??

I have an Insignia (rebadged lg) unit that I bought from Best Buy that does everything you want. I have not tried any Divx stuff yet.