I have a DVD Recorder, which I like to use to record basketball games…please understand this is only for MY use. Last season I recorded them using the 4 hour mode (SLP I think), and they were decent. Somewhat pixelated during lots of motion (low frame-rate?), so I decided to try something new this year. I still use standard DVD sizes, but instead am using DVD-RW, then loading the DVD folder to my computer. I am recording in 2 HR mode, which is a heck of a lot better quality, however I have to use two discs to do this (just change at halftime). I have Movie Factory that I’ve always used for their menu options and what not, so that is the authoring tool I prefer. My question is…what is the absolute best program to rip each disc, then put in MF to author? I am assuming AVI (DIVX or XVID) is the best method? I wish I could just somehow compress each VOB a little…since their size put together isn’t that much larger than a single layered DVD. I have ImTOO, but I haven’t had a lot of luck with it. The quality seems decent, but the encoding time in MF is crazy long (meaning once I take the AVI from ImTOO to MF). I’ve had files go a lot faster in the past, but nothing I’ve encoded myself. I appreciate any help!

mpeg4 styles, divx, xvid, H.264 …
They ALL require CPU power & transcoding time.

Yes as chef says, a lot of time is spent in converting from DVD-Video (MPEG-2) to .avi (MPEG-4) and you are probably losing video and audio quality in the process. DVD Movie Factory is all right but in my experience is very difficult to get to behave.

If quality is the most important factor, and you don’t mind not having a menu for the finished DVD, then you could try copying the original DVD as an ISO file using DVD Decrypter (freeware) in ISO read mode. Then open this with DVD Shrink and use the ‘Reauthor’ mode to select the individual title(s) for a compilation disc. If they’re over the 4.3 GB limit then they’ll be shrunk to fit using a better transcoding engine than DVD-MF can offer.

Alternatively, if you want a menu on the finished DVD then rip the individual titles from the original straight away using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. Then download and install DVD Styler (freeware), which will allow you import the MPEG2 files for each title and make a menu for the DVD. This will produce DVD folders that can also be opened in DVD Shrink and compressed before finally writing to disc.

Thanks for the help! I was able to use DVD Shrink to compress each disc enough to then put into MF, then burn. All in all it takes close to an hour to do one game…not bad at all. This is figuring in DVD Shrink as well as MF. The only thing I’d like to change would be to make the VOB one big file in MF, but it’s fine like this. I have two VOBs and I just separate each file into two chapters…for each quarter.

Here’s one of my menu pages…I just remove the stats and whatnot for the other pages, leaving open space for the chapter selection.


Once again, thanks for the advice/help!

Well, I just figured out how to use the re-author feature on DVD Shrink to put the video files from each disc together. I like this program…

I am pretty sure I downloaded it once in the past, never one to turn down freeware, but had no idea what to do with it.

This forum is great!

Glad to have helped :). Although many of us have used, and sometime will suggest, commercial applications; freeware is what we try to recommend first. This is mainly because:

[li]A single commerical application is still a bit of a compromise even these days
[/li][li]You usually end up learning something in the process of using freeware in stringing all the stages together