DVD Recorder that will burn High Def.?

I currently have a Panny ES20. Much to my dismay, I discovered that although it has component video out, it does not have component video IN. My goal is to burn DVDs of my favorite TV shows that I’ve recorded on my DVR box in High Definition.
Panny tech support told me that they do not make such a unit.
Is there a unit I can purchase that will burn High Def. onto DVD?
Please let me know if this is the wrong forum for my question, too.
Thanks very much

Is there a unit I can purchase that will burn High Def. onto DVD?

Yep, they cost around $1000 and the blanks are hard to find.


Oh, DUH! What’s the best I can do then with my ES20? Use the S-IN? How will that image be coming from a HD recording?
Thanks for your help


DVD has nothing to do with HD.

I don’t understand the humor. If DVD has nothing to do with HD, then why are there recorders such as the Toshiba “HD DVD player” marketed as :“The first on sale to play the HD-DVD format, which the company is promoting as a competitor against Blu-ray to succeed the popular DVD format. The unit will include an HDMI output.”

This is for backwards compatibility so that the player can still play regular DVD movies, in addition to the HD movies. An HD DVD burner is capable to burn movies in qualities of up to 35mbps wheras a regular DVD burner can up to 10.2mbps.

Ah…thanks xta.
Would my problem be solved if I took the component video OUT from the Motorola 6412 and recorded onto my JVC HD video recorder?

Good luck finding anything that will record in HD from component video inputs.

I use a Panny ES10 for recording from a HD satellite box. IF the satellite box is set to “squeeze” a 16:9 image to 4:3, it will output that squeezed image through SVHS to the ES10. Then when I play back these DVD’s, I set the monitor to stretch the image back to 16:9. the results are pretty good. Not quite as good as a store-bought DVD, but very close on a 52" screen.

That’s ingenious Dan! I will try it.

CDan, where do I set the DVR to squeeze the image?

You don’t set the DVD/DVR to anything. The image is squeezed by the satellite box. Some of them do it by default if you’re watching in HD/widescreen mode via HDMI or component. Others you have to set the picture a certain way. So you’ll have to experiment.