DVD recorder > Sky connection help

Hi …
Ok, I’ve just bought myself an LG HDD/DVD Recorder (RH265/RH266) and obviously want to connect it up to replace my old VCR to tape from Sky (I don’t have an aerial so I can’t get terrestrial TV - everything goes through Sky).
The DVD recorder has 2 scart sockets (AV2 decoder scart & AVI scart jack), the TV has 2 scart sockets (its a Sony) & the Skybox (the old type) has 2 scart sockets).
The DVD recorder plays DVDs automatically, but I can’t record from Sky at all - all I get is interference, as if it hasn’t even found the sky.
Sky plays fine independently, but obviously I need to find out how to record from Sky to the Hard Drive of the recorder, or to a DVD-r disc!
Any connection advice would be gratefully accepted.
I’ve also got a powered Scart hub which has (at the moment, the DVD recorder & a dvd karaoke thing which works fine).