DVD Recorder Setup

I have an Philips DVD Recorder/Hard Disk (HDRW 720/17) and am trying to hook up with cable box and television. Antenna from wall into cable box, cable box into DVD recorder, then into television. Connect Audio and s-video cables from dvd recorder to TV. We also have a g-link in front of the cable box sensor. We cant get our TV guide listings because it is not hooked up right. PLEASE HELP, thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what connections are present on your equipment, but here is a general guideline:

  1. If your TV only has one SVHS input or your cable box only has one output: The output marked ‘TV’ on the DVD recorder should be connected directly to the TV and ‘TV’ out on the cable box should be connected to the ‘Aux’ (or ‘In’) on the DVD recorder.

  2. If your TV has two or more SVHS inputs and the cable box has a ‘VCR’ out: The output marked ‘TV’ on the cable receiver should be connected to SVHS1 on the TV, the output marked ‘TV’ on the DVD recorder should be connected to SVHS2 on the TV and the output marked ‘VCR’ on the cable receiver should be connected to the ‘AUX’ or input on the DVD recorder.

Most cable boxes and satellite receivers have more than one output. Generally only the ‘TV’ output will show additional features such as the TV guide listing and other on-screen text. Other outputs such as ‘VCR’ or ‘AUX’ do not show onscreen text and the reason for this is to allow viewing of the TV guide (via TV out) without interrupting the recording.

In the 1st scenario above, select AV on the TV to watch either the DVD or cable receiver. To watch cable, the DVD recorder may need to be put on standby or set to ‘AV’.

In the 2nd scenario about, select AV1 on the TV to watch cable TV or AV2 to watch a DVD.

I also read somewhere that even if the device is correctly connected. It can take as long as 16 hours for the guide to download from the cable. I don’t know why this is. When I hooked up my dish receiver the download of the channels and guide was one of the first things that occured. This only took a few minutes. Of course this was a unit from the company that provided the dish. Maybe when you use another parties hardware for recording, it takes a lot longer to get the information.