DVD recorder set up


I have a wharfdale dvdr24hd and not sure how to connect it to my single scart wharfdale tv?! :doh:

Any help would be great appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Since the recorder has HDMI, I would use that to connect the TV, if the TV also has HDMI.
Alternatively, one of the SCARTS on the recorder is probably designated as output, and you’ll need the other one for input, as it does not have a DVB tuner

Hi Matth

Thanks for reply. So scart goes into output on DVD and the then into tv?!

Where does my aerial from the wall go?

Sport 182

Your aerial goes to your tuner (TV or if you have external tuner of some sort - f.ex. Set-top Box or satellite tuner)

Put SCART cable between the recorder and tv.

Recorder should be now able to record what ever you are seeing on tv screen.