DVD Recorder ripping help

I have a Tashiba RD-XS52 and I am trying to back up some of my dvds and it wont let me because they are copy protected. Is there a patch I can download and then put on a cd that will bypass this? Or some other way that I can get this DVD Recorder to record dvds?

You want DVDdcrypter, or DVDFab decrypter or AnyDvd. Any of these programs will allow you to rip the files to a hard drive and then any burning program with recoding will allow the burn.

I bought a copy of XCOPY9 at MicroCenter and downloaded DVDShrink from this site. Between the two of them I have been able to backup everyting I tried. DVDShrink has worked on all movie DVDs and XCopy9 has worked on most movie DVDs and all TV DVDs (Monk and 24 etc)

This is a DVD recorder not a computer. I was hoping there is a file I can download and burn onto a CD. Then put that CD into my DVD recorder and then it will let me rip DVDs to its hard drive. My computer doesn’t have a DVD writeable drive. If you know of anything that would help let me know. THX


You could try asking in the DVD Recorder & Home Entertainment forum (or ask a Mod nicely to move this one), maybe someone there has the same standalone as you, and can offer more help.