Dvd recorder question

Hello all…Here is my issue. My wife has had to recently start taking care of her mother. On certain nights she likes to watch some News programs(20-20,dateline,ect) and a few other weekly shows. Nothing that needs to really be kept forever. I can’t see burning these few programs on disk(and I realize there is the RW disk). I can’t see having to pay for Ti-Vo for these few programs a month. My Question (finally) is, does anyone have any suggestions on a dvd recorder that may have a hard drive that is reasonable (hopefully under 300.00 us). I would just like to be able to record these few shows a week and just delete them as she watches them. Thanks for any suggestions.

I was in walmart yesterday and bought a RCA DVD recorder. I did notice 2 or 3 models with hard drives (160gb & 80 gb) . The 160 was 300.00 & the 80gb one was around 220.00 If I remember right.

Hey thanks Liquid…I had actually forgot about actually going to a store. :o I am so used to shopping online. Local stores do usually carry a varid supply. I guess I still want an opinion on wheather this would be the most cost effective way to go.

If you not taking the advise poster # 2 gave you then do some research on google and fine the one you need.

I plan on taking Liquidmagic’s advice, I guess I just ment wouldn’t this be a better option (to get a dvd burner with a hard drive) than to pay a monthly subscription which over time would go into the hundreds of dollars and more over time. I’m just glad there are several models to look at. Thanks for the opinions.

Why not buy yourself a cheap PVR (free-to-air digital set-top box with a hard drive…)? No tapes or disks to worry about and the playback quality is “as-broadcast.” In Australia I can get a single-tuner PVR with an 80 Gig hard drive for about AU$199 (US$153).