DVD recorder Query

Hi, i have a NEC DVD+RW ND-3100AD burner. I’ve been trying to burn my first DVD but the blank DVD does not seem to be recognised. It’s a JVC 1-2x DVD-RW 4.7GB. Is this not compatible with my machine?


You need to get some +R or +RW discs as your NEC burner won’t work with -RW discs.

I have the NEC 1300 as my secondary burner but I upgraded the firmware on mine to Herrie’s v1.08. I too had problems writing DVD-RW media. I could still read and write mine but not at it’s rated speed. Memorex 2x media only wrote at 1x. I brought the discs back and bought the DVD+RW of the same brand and they worked fine. I have never tried -RW again. I don’t have problems with -R media but tend to buy +R most of the time.

The NEC 1300 supports + and - media types. The ND-3100AD is specifically a + format only burner.

thanks for all your help guys!