DVD Recorder/Player/VCR that plays both NTSC and PAL DVDs

Hi guys I bought a Lite On LVC 9016G back in March 06 and it worked pretty well but it slowly died and can’t record anything anymore so it died in November. Then a few weeks ago I bought a Sony RDR-VX555 recorder and player. It is good but for the first time today I tried playing one of the discs I got from the UK and it is not compatible. This blows. I bought this machine at Best Buy and want to go back in a week to return it. Lite On was a great machine and read both formats. So my general question is what DVD Recorders/VCRs all in one sold at Best Buy would you guys recommend and one that play dvds that are pal and ntsc format.

Please let me know.


This is just normal for devices from NA or SA.

European devices can play PAL and NTSC without problems.
Check videohelp.com !!!

I heard there are codes to change the region format. Any discovered for this machine?

the only machine @ videohelp.com that comes up to play PAL/NTSC formats is the LG LRA-536. However, read user comments carefully, since there is an issue with the timer function on it.