DVD recorder newbie help required

Hi I am an absolute beginner to DVD recording and need help. I do not even use a VCR so I am very new to this.

I am about to buy a new LCD TV and I currently have NTL TV and broadband.
I wish to buy a DVD recorder. I am very confused by all the different types of recorder PVR HD etc.

What I am after is a recorder that can record form NTL TV. But I am told you can only record the channel you are watching?

If the recorder has a built in tuner does this matter? If it has freeview does it matter?
I have seen two recorders
1 Humax 9200T will this work with NTL? Can I record freeview at the same time as watching NTL channels and vice versa.
2 Panasonic DMR ES20 is another choice is it any good.
3 Are they easy to set up?
4 I would like one that is simple to record and not complicated.

Which would be better? Or would you recommend another. I would not like to spend over about £250 - £300.
Is there anything else I should know or think about?

Thanks for any help offered.

Regards Bill

Sorry for the lack of Knowledge, but I don’t know what NTL stands for.
However, I can say that if the recorder have a tuner it can do what you want, providing the tuner can use the band NTL broadcasts on.
I’ve a Sony with a 160 GB HDD and it can tune normal TV broadcasts, channel and satelite TV.
You preset your recording and can leave the recorder on standby. When the time comes it will record.
It only has one tuner and I don’t know if you can watch a channel and record another, probably not.
But this shall be no problem as you can use you TV screen tuner to watch what you want, while the recorder is doing its normal job with its own tuner.
All this refer to analog TV.
With digital, all the problems you can have to record certain shows come from the copy protection used by the device, so you have to check the specs to see what it allows you to or not to do.

You can only record a channel you are watching, unless you have more than 1 RECEIVER.