Dvd Recorder Lite On LVW-5026 (80GB)

I see this model at 199€.
Is this a good product?
Has particular deficiency or defect?


p.s. sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian…

The 5026 is the 5045 but with a smaller hard drive.

Rather than advising you to its good and bad points I suggest you have a good look at the comments in this forum, a good review of the 5045 is here:

and also at:

Which is a section purely for the 5045/5026 models.

But do bear in mind that forums tend to discuss the shortcomings or bad points more than the good, it’s human nature. But at least you will have true knowledge and support from fellow owners.

There are also sections for German, Spanish, French and Dutch members in case you speak one of those languages, if not and other italian speakers request it, a dedicated Italian section could be created.