DVD Recorder LG RH7800

I have had a good search of this forum and apologize if I have anything that would help me.

I have the DVD Recorder LG RH7800 and many months ago (January? February?) I upgraded the firmware using some good tips found here on cdfreaks. Now, I’d like to upgrade again but I cant find any thread about firmware upgrade for LG DVD Burner.

Nobody? :bow:

[I]“I upgraded the firmware using some good tips found here on cdfreaks”[/I]

On which thread did you find that?

I’m using LG RH7800 for a month now, it’s quite OK .
However I’m a bit disappointed with the weak performance it delivers, when it comes to “the move the recorded stuff to optical disc” section -compared the operations and titling process to a computer based system)
e.g.:The titles which where given to the recorded programs on the hard drive simply disappear after moving those to opt.disc.
The playback performance of the LG on the DVD+R is also poor or perhaps my Samsung SH-S182D with SB04 pulls a bad job on those.

The whole idea of editing video on that machine feels weird compared to a comp. based syst.- but splitting the video is a nice and easy go although after you split one copying that to DVD-or RAM is possible only in real time, which is quite a nerve pulling process :sad:

Please share your experiences - suggestions here