DVD recorder key-feature

hi all, I’m asking some advice to buy my first dvd recorder (I live in Italy and this kind of product is new). The main feature I need are:

  • read divx/xvid like a stand-alone player, i.e. without limitation on ff and rew (I read about this problem in an italian forum), but also with good playing capabilities (codecs, audio and video formats ecc…);

  • built-in hdd, better if it’s possible to change it with a bigger one;

  • record from hdd to dvd and viceversa, also protected content with some kind of upgrade (firmware or anyelse);

  • time-shift: vision during recording;

  • presence of various kind of audio and video connection;

  • any other key-feature you think are indispensable.

Thank you.
P.S. maybe I need a HTPC instead of a dvd-recorder, but the last is easiest and cheaper for me, right?