DVD Recorder...HELP!

Goodmans X-Pro DVD Recorder…HELP!!

Does anyone know if there are any copy programs that can rip stuff recorded
on DVD recorders. I have the Goodmans X-Pro, but when I try to read any disc recorded on the machine (using AnyDVD, CloneDVD2) my computer just locks up! Yup…it is annoying!

Does anyone have any suggestions?



hi there
I have also got a Goodmans X-pro and I found it is possible to copy the disk and even extract the video, as long as you have turned the auto chapters off. Do not use chapters and you can copy the disk.

My problem is that I can find very little information on this recorder, my mate also got the same one and have stopped working, so he opened it up yesterday and found out it had a normal computer DVD re-writer inside. He is going to replace it with another one and see if that works.

I think later on this year, I will get a better recorder now the prices are coming down a bit.