DVD Recorder (+HDD) from China

Hi there

I will be travelling to Shanghai, China in April. While I am there I would like to purchase one or two DVD recorders. One will be for myself in South Africa and the other will be for my aunt living in England.

The first thing that I have been considering is if it is worth paying the extra money for a HDD? And if so what size HDD would be sufficient? From what I see, the HDD is more for series or movies that you want to record, watch soon and erase them afterwards.

Can you please help me out with the HDD question and also recommend a couple of recorders around the $400-$500 region. I would like it to record to DVD+RW instead of only DVD-RAM. And it must be able to play both +/- formats.

Can you also recommend a website that I can purchase them from in Shanghai so that I can order before I leave and get it delivered for when I’m there.

Thank-you very much