DVD recorder for Micromv format?

I bought a Sony DVD recorder to copy my Sony micromv tapes to DVD to discover that the recorder only accepts DV input via ilink, not micromv. I have learned that micromv is mpeg2 and Sony chat help said to copy to a computer and then to a DVD. I have done this and am looking for something less painful, like an ilink port to a DVD recorder.

My question is - are there any dvd recorders that can read/interpret and write a DVD directly from a micromv device?

Thanks all!

My understanding of the format is, it wasn’t very popular because it was a Sony only format. Finding a dvd recorder will be difficult unless of course it was made by Sony. There is a tool that might help you here

I’m affraid these cameras had no ilink ports and use USB2 to transfer the Mpeg2 files to the computer.

However, even if you had a firewire (i-link) connection, it would never be a direct transfer to DVD format (ok you can write to DVD but only if you consider a file transfer and the media as a data media).

If you want to get a DVD you can play in a home player you have to use a video editor that can produce DVDs or (normally without any editing) to use a dedicated software for DVD creation (when you look “inside” a DVD, you will see VOB files and not the Mpeg2 files they came from).

Thanks - I understand more now. This camera does have an ilink port, and the DVD recorder is Sony, which is why I jumped to the conclusion that I would be able to stream from the camera to the DVD. Obviously, I now know that I have to continue to create DVDs via my computer, at lest as long as I use this micromv camera.

I will say that I have really liked the camera - it is tiny (and was tiny long before any of them got small at all) and the quality is excellent. Too bad I have to get a new one to be compatible with the rest of the world.

Again - thank you!!