DVD Recorder DVD-RW Drive Disc Error

My Funia PYE VCR-DVD recorder works fine, except for the DVD recorder error, (can not record on this disc). I receive a DVD error when dubbing to DVD. The VCR plays and records. The DVD drive reads, plays but fails on formatting a new DVD disc. I tried all the manufacturer recommend Maxell. Sony, TDK, Verbatim brand/speed DVDs but all fail to record without this error: E 4 54040990, recording error or E 4 54037380, can not record on this disc.
This recorder is out of warranty. I opened the case to check for burned capacitors on the boards and found no burned spots. Also, removed the DVD drive to clean the laser lens and any dust particles.
I cleaned the laser lens twice but there was no change. The DVD drive is a Benq DW-1650 DVD-RW IDE drive. I like the unit and thought maybe I could replace the laser lens or just replace the DVD drive with a new DVD-RW drive. All other functions work on the unit except for the DVD disc record error. Any suggestions.

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I found another forum where this answer was presented:

E4 is error on optical pickup. One or two of the problems might be. You disc lens is out of alignment, or the discs your using are the wrong type. You need to use a SOLID SPEED DISC. Yes:Dvd-r x4, x8. Dvd-rw x4, 8x. DONT use up to 16, 1-16x or antyhing with UP TO or 1-8x, 1-16x.

From what you have said, it seems the drive may be going bad. IF you have been trying only 4x/8x discs? There are many DW-1650 clones out there, and you should be able to get one reasonably cheap off E-bay. Help with flashing a Philips or other DW-1650 equivalent can be found in the BenQ sub-forum. As well as a list of all the clones out there you could use as a replacement.

Thank you very much for the reply. I agree that the disc lens is probably out of alignment because after cleaning the laser the second time the recorder tries to format new disc. The format procedures starts and runs 10 cycles before resulting in the E 4 54040990 error. I thought about replacing the drive guts with a spare optical drive from one of my od computers. Or, just replace the drive with another optical drive; BENQ or compatible. I will also check for a DW-1650 clone. Thanks again for the straight answer.