DVD Recorder DMR-ES35V Stuck on NoREAD

My unit won’t read any discs, and even when the tray is empty attempts to read a disc before failing and saying “NoREAD”. The DVD disc indicator is staying on even when the tray is empty and makes a clunking noise several times before saying “NoREAD”. Tray still opens and closes, but still keeps clunking and trying to read a disc every time I close it even when empty. I’ve tried commercially manufactured discs, blank DVD-R, recorded DVD-R, and music CD.

Problem started last night after I tried to start recording a DVD with flexible recording, but was told there was a problem with the disc and the unit automatically started a “recover” sequence. DVD has not been able to read any disc since the recover sequence ended.

Here’s a list of things I’ve tried so far to see if I could reset:

  1. Power off and back on after several minutes
  2. Pressing Stop and Channel Up buttons on the front
  3. Pressing and holding power button for 10-20 seconds
  4. Turned off power and unplugged for approx. 7 hours
  5. Played videotape in the VCR for a minute or so

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.

I called Panasonic’s customer service line and they’re sending me a return authorization since my unit’s still covered under the one year warranty.

Phone wait wasn’t long. Service rep took a couple minutes to ask me if I already tried the recommended power-off, disc types, and reset steps.

Now, however, I still need to try getting a copy of my receipt from the Circuit City store in Fredericksburg, VA, and try to pack it for shipping myself or pay the UPS store to do it for me.

Anyone in the USA have experience or advice about how expensive or difficult this may be?

Anyone know if I’m likely to face a long wait while my returned unit gets diagnosed or repaired? Should I expect to get a refurbished or new replacement?