Dvd recorder disc to my pc

I have a Magnavox msr90d6 DVD recorder. I recorded my VHS home movies, wedding video, etc. to DVD-Rs recently. I can play them on my Sony DVD player. However, when I inserted the DVDs into my laptop, in order to rip some stuff for my web site, I found that the drive couldn’t play the movie and displayed no files on the disc. My laptop has a TSSTcorp DVD±RW TS-L532B drive. I also have Nero 7 Ultra and Pinnacle Studio 10.

Any ideas for a work around? Firmware upgrade? Driver upgrade? Try another DVD Drive?

(I tried my wife’s DVD ROM drive and it behaved similarly bad. I think it froze and I had to kill the window.)


Assuming you Finalized the disc, it sounds like either
bad media or a bad burn.
If the disc will play in your PC’s burner,
try making another copy, to a quality blank disc.

You are correct, sir. I checked this DVD in the recording device, but NOT in my other DVD player. It was finalized (I had checked that.) But the disc was bad. I tried another disc and it works fine in every device.


Great! :bigsmile: