DVD recorder copying issue

Hello all :smiley: , please excuse my newness to dvd forums, and indeed to any internet forum. I have read a post by tigerjuju 16-06-2005 relating to burn problems with DVD-VRs. I was wondering if anyone could please possibly offer any modern solutions to copying DVD-VRs. I have an MTV (yes, laughably generic) DVD-recorder which actually records in fine quality. However when a file is copied to a DVD-R, finalised, then reads as a DVD-VR in My Computer, I cannot copy with either Shrink or Nero because of read errors, even though the disc plays fine in any DVD player that I have tried and in my DVD player program on my PC. I believe there may be older (or newer?) versions of Shrink or Nero and that one may also be able to use DVD Decrypter, but I do not know how. Thanking you in advance, best regards, Rick :confused:

DVD-VR is compatible with DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD DL-R media. It is not compatible with +R media.

I never use DVD+R, only DVD-R. My burned discs come out fine, it’s reading them and copying them on my pc that is the issue :slight_smile:

Can anyone else please possibly offer some advice, thank :slight_smile:

Ulead Movie Factory 6, I used it to copy VR files recorded on DVD-RAM to DVD-R

I use clonedvd2 to copy DVD+RW VR to my harddrive, and then burn to a ±R. I have not tried any -R or -RW VR discs yet. If you use clonedvd2 be sure you don’t have ANYDVD running or it will throw things off.


Will try, thank you very much, kind regards :slight_smile:

I wil try this, thanks very much, kind regards :slight_smile:

Hi there :smiley: , just so you know and anyone else who is interested, clonedvd2 wouldn’t read my VR files on DVD-R.

Rick; last week I found this ‘VR extractor’, which wasn’t much good for a +VR disc but you might find it useful.


Which optical drives are in your computer?


I just got through trying a -VR in CloneDVD2, it didn’t work for me either. I don’t know why it works for the +VR and not the other.