DVD recorder > computer to edit dvd disc (LG 160 GB RH-266 HDD-Recorder)



I’ve just got a LG RH266 HDD dvd recorder & have transferred a load of camcorder footage onto the hard drive of the recorder.
What I want to do now is transfer the footage onto a DVD+r disc, then onto my computer, where I can edit it to my hearts desire!
Unfortunately, my first attempt was a failure.
It seemed to dub from the HDD to the DVD disc, but when I put the disc in the computer to copy the file across, it didn’t even recognised there was a file there!
What did I do wrong?
The only thing I think I might have done wrong is NOT finalize the disc … It didn’t seem to give me the option.
Any advice/help/etc will be gratefully received.


you will want to finalize the dvd. The instructions on how to do that vary from recorder to recorder, so you will need to check your owners manual. Then you will need software which is capable of editing mpeg2 files.


You were right - I’ve sorted out the dvd+r disc thing - I was stupid enough not to finalize it, so now I’ve got the discs with all the camcorder stuff on it.
Now, its all on the disc as bups, vobs & ifos … How do I edit that so I can add my own titles/chapters/menus etc?
I’ve got TMPGenc which I use for avi’s to convert to dvd format, but I’ve not done it the “other way round” so to speak.
Can I do anything with the DVD I’ve got now to add chapters etc.?