DVD recorder bad flash rescue(MediaTek,MTK Chip equipped)


I found this info and two programs for programming the mediatek
chip used in a lot of DVD drives and Recorders/players and also
the systemboard of DVD recorders for the ones that use that type
of chip,

The case is normally that you can get back a dead dvddrive
with mtkflash, but in case the systemboard flash on a dvd recorder/player
are dead after a bad flash there are not to many options to reflash
with the chip in place using the pc I think…

But this info could change that…

Can anyone translate this info into plain english please?
If so it can be of great help to many others also I think :slight_smile:


I just used Babelfish web page translator here, which gives a pretty good version for your Brazilian site. Use “Portuguese to English” in the drop-down box below the place to copy the URL into.

You need to use a little imagination; for example, “door” = “port”, “handle” = “plug” etc

So far,