DVD record speed

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I hope that someone can help me with this problem. :confused:

I am using Nero 6.6 Reloaded to copy dvds and the reader i have is a LITEON COMBO Drive 52x32x52x CD-RW and a 16XDVD-ROM.The DVD writer i have is a EMPREX DVD Dual 16x Double Layer.The problem i have is that when i use a 8x disk to record on to and record at 8x the reader drops from 100% to 50% and the buffer under runs and then i also get errors sometimes.I can write at 4x with no problems.Does anyone know what the problem could be.If so could you get back to me a/s/a/p so i can fix this.

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What buffer under runs is it the drive or the computer

If its the computer try this

  1. Load up Nero burning rom and go to “File” then to “Prefrences”. Choose ultra buffer on the tab at the top and set the buffer to manual configuration and put the amount up as suggested.

How much Ram do you have on your computer

i hope this helps

use buffer-underun protection as well if you can.
when you go to burn in nero you will get this box seen below make sure the box is ticked

The image that you sent i dont get when i am going to burn i have got Nero Start Smart and tried to open Nero Burning Rom and it wont open.Will i need to download it again to get nero burning rom.

my buffer under run was ticked but it was still doing it.

mmmmm i suggest making sure you have all the updates for nero by clicking on the flames in the bottom right corner.

apart from that i can only suggest burning at a slower speed at the moment then

Ok thanks.

Write data to the hard drive first, then burn at 8X. Do not use burn-on-the fly. You don’t have a good burner.

Yes, speed kills. My old computer is slow and I give it all the help I can. Once you get consistant successfull burns then you can worry about speed/quality issues. :cool:

Good burners are easier to get up and running. I love my NEC. :bow: :bow: :bow: