DVD record mode +R and disc types

My DVD player-recorder (Magnavox ZV450MW8A) records only in +R mode, as far as I can tell. (No techie here.)

(1) Should I use only DVD+R (or +RW) discs for recording, or are -R OK?

I have recorded some DVD-R discs successfully for playback on this machine, but friends find them unplayable on their machines.

(2) Is there a way to make these DV-Rs more compatible?

(3) Same Q for DVD+R discs recorded on this machine, also in the +R mode.

Thanks for any help.


You can use either +R, +RW, -R or -RW discs on this machine. The +RW and -RW are rewriteable, so can be reused.

Whatever recording you make, you need to finalise the discs before they can be played on a different machine, and that explains why your friends can’t view them. The exception is the +RW discs which will not need finalising unless you wish to preserve any chapter marks you added.

Have a look in the Magnavox manual; it should explain about these things somewhere.

Thanks! It does say that, but somehow I overlooked it in the maze of details.