DVD recognized as a CD



When I insert a blank DVD into either of my 2 Samsung CD/DVDRW drives it thinks it is a CD. Window$ then asks me what I want to do with a CD. I had been using ConvertXto DVD and Nero 8 to convert/burn and now neither program works.

My system is a HP Compaq Presario SR1950nx running Window$ XP MCE w/sp3.The drives are both Samsung, TS-H552l,& SH-S182M.

I’m not certain but the problem may have started after install SP3.
I’ve tried uninstalling the drives and deleting registry entries with the help of HP chat. They also suggested a possible firmware update (which they didn’t think would help), uninstalling SP3, and their final answer to everything; to do a system recovery. I would like to avoid the last two. I just went thru a non-destructive recovery the first part of May and don’t relish doing it again.

Does anyone have suggestions of other things I could try or know of any reported issues related to SP3 and this issue?


That is a normal quirk of Windows.