DVD recoding



Just getting onto the DVD ripping scene. What I mainly want to do is rip dvds to movie file format(divx, xvid, avi, ect…) at about a 2cd size(split 1400mb).

What programs would be best for doing this? Have good results? I noticed Nero Recode has a converter for DVD to Mp4 but nothing for avi and such.

Any advice from the experts here? :bigsmile:


AutoGK is very good for ripping movies. It comes with a very good tutorial. The only thing I would say: is to after you install it, go into Add/Remove programs and remove "DAE " as is classed as spyware. AutoGK will work fine with out it.



Thanks for the quick response Virus! :iagree:

So does AutoGK produce good quality avi files? Have you used it?


I have used autoGK for 1cd and 2cd backups with great success.

The reason why you’d used autoGK is because its so easy, a couple of clicks and you’re done.

So I’m assuming a program where you actually had to do more, give it more passes and what ever other crazy stuff which you can do that I don’t understand, it would give you better quality, but it wouldn’t be so damn easy :slight_smile:


How long does it usually take you guys to recode a DVD from start to finish with autoGK?

Is 6 hours very long or just about normal? My computer isn’t old… :cool: