DVD Recoder with hard drive and Video+



This is my first post.
I would like some help in picking a dvd recorder with a 160 or 250 hard drive and video+.

Do you know of any please?

I have an old Sony dvd recorder now that I use daily but it doesn’t have a hard drive.

Thanks, Lilac xox


Hi Lilac Cherries (nice username, BTW :slight_smile: )

Are you in the UK, by any chance; since you’re asking about VideoPlus?


Yeah, great username and welcome :smiley:

If you are in the UK, I saw a nice Philips one with a 160 gig HDD and Videoplus in Curry’s, I’ll dig out the model number for you. :slight_smile:

Edit: Ignore that, no Videoplus :frowning:


Hi :smiley:
Thank you for the warm welcome.:flower:
Yes I am in the UK
I am so used to using Video+ and its so easy that I really want to try and find a recorder with that feature available. Not having much luck though lol


It’s a shame you need a HDD…I just bought a Philips DVDR5500 (lovely piece of kit), and although it has no HDD, it does have Videoplus :wink:

£149 in Curry’s. :slight_smile:


It’s me again!
Out of these 3 DVD recorders which would you say was the best please?
I read all the specs on them and they mean nothing to me, I dont have any idea what it all means!!:doh:

Thomson dth-8550e dvd/hdd recoder

Sony RDR-HXD870 DVD Recorder 160Gb

Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD Recorder/160GB HDD/Freeview/HDMI

Can I use the Panasonic one? I have Virgin cable tv so I don’t need Freeview. :confused::confused:


From the recommendations given to me when I was shopping for one a few weeks ago, I’d suggest the Panasonic.

And yes, you can use your Virgin cable as normal even though it was a Freeview tuner (the Philips that I bought also has a Freeview tuner, but I use my Virgin cable just fine :wink:

I heard when I was gathering recommendations myself (see this thread to read more) that discs recorded on Sony recorders may have compatibility problems with plyback on ther makes of machine. :wink: