Dvd rebuilder

Is there anyone else out there that uses dvd rebuilder…if so does it really rebuild a ripped dvd to 100% quality been using the free version and wondering if purchasing it is well worth it… and if so can someone out there help me once i do to get the full potential of the program i noticed there are multiple encoders some are quicker than others just would like some feedback and possible tips…thank you all again as usual

I use it all the time but do not know if it rebuild to 100% but it does a great job for me and sending him the price he wanted was worth it to me.

Quality will be superb but is never 100% compared to the original. The Pro version will be worth it as you can do menu encoding, use multiple encoder processes to speed up encoding, adjust percentages in each segment in the new segment editor - still need to be refined though as it’s still in beta, etc.