DVD Rebuilder with CCE



I see all the talk about DVD Rebuilder and CCE but my question is it sounds like a lot of people use it to do main movie only? Am I correct in this or wrong? Can you do the whole movie with menus and all or am I confused? I guess I’ll have to try it with a DVD that I know is really compressed (Jaws Anniversary Collector’s Edition in this case) and see how it comes out. I guess I’m just confused as to the why on using DVD Rebuilder. hehe


It does the whole movie, you can even compress the extras more than the main movie. there are many plugins for it that can even allow you to adjust the bit rates and allows you to use filters like PeachSmoother, FluxSmooth, ColorMatrix, Deen, UnDot, etc… (Avisynth). Unfortunately you can no longer get the latest version for free, 0.67a is the latest free version. If you donate to the author you can get the current version, 0.70. Go to http://dvd-rb.dvd2go.org/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=14
to get the installer if you don’t know how to set it up manually. I have to say that it does a great job for me but people report audio drop outs. Still recommend it even though in my eyes it has become shareware.


As super vegeta ss said, ReBuilder does the WHOLE dvd only by default allowing only audio tracks and subtitles to be stripped. If you want main movie only, I’d suggest DVDREasy which also uses CCE to do the encoding.

Pre-processing the ripped dvd files with Shrink/IFOEdit/DVD2One/etc to rip out extras, etc generally works but problems can give problems in ReBuilder.



Do you now prefer DVDREasy to DVD2DVD/D2SRoba? If so, why?


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Do all CCE based encoders produce the same quality movies, so the only difference is ease of use and features?


DVDREasy has fewer options to mess around with, so it’s going to be easier to use for most people. DVD2DVD is still a good option though. as far as the quality from different CCE methods, they should all produce the same quality if the same settings are passed on to CCE by each program, but each program typically has slight variations on the settings, so quality is technically not the same. however, i doubt you’d notice any differences in quality as a result of these slight variations.


I rarely use DVD2SVCD for a dvd’s Movie only any more to be honest. I either use DVDREasy (because of its simplicity but currently only works with CCE 2.50 which I use and own) or rip main movie out with Shrink (Re-Author mode and with no-compression) and then process that with ReBuilder. I probably tend to use Shrink/ReBuilder more than DVDREasy (depends on the mood I’m in at the time :slight_smile: ), but either way is great.

For DVD2SVCD, I tend to use it ONLY for encoding movie only thats spread across 2 dvd’s ( Like LOTR’s Return of the King new Extrended Edition ) to 1 dvdr or for AVI conversions. But for AVI’s The FilmMachine is slowly becoming my final choice of software to use.


Doesn’t D2SRoba let you encode faster, because you don’t need as many passes?


ReBuilder with “1 Pass ( w/ analysis)” enabled does the same as D2SRoba option in DVD2SVCD. Author of DVDREasy is incorporating the same into his product as well.


Please give a bit more information as to why you prefer Shrink/RB to DVDREasy to DVD2SVCD.

Also, why DVD2SVCD would be preferable for encoding 2 dvd movies. (Personally, I leave 2 dvd movies as 2 dvd movies, figuring 7-8gb -> 4.7gb is easier than 12-15gb -> 4.7gb).


I’d suggest you try all m ethods and you will soon find one that suits you, I have. As I’ve said, they are MY personal choices. The reasons why, that would take a long time to explain, easier for you to try them all.

By the time you strip out DTS, 2ch AC3 and chop off the 12min fanclub credits crap at the end of LOTR 3, total size of both dvd 1&2 was about 7.5 gb. Being letterboxed, that encodes VERY nicely to 1 dvdr. Dont knock it until you try it. DVDREasy & ReBuilder just cant hack that conversion, DVD2SVCD is the only choice, but then thats just my opinion.

Also, have a read here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=116934