Dvd rebuilder w/cce 2.50 vs dvd shrink w/ deep analisys

which one is better?

you should probably define “better” a little more clearly.

better as in quality of output and overall satisfaction

A CCE conversion will leave all the transcoders, including Shrink w/deep analysis, standing still whern it comes to quality. Have you tried them both yourself on the SAME movie so you can compare?

yes i have but i had some mixed results. It started to look that dvd shrink was better but then on other movies cce kicked ass. I wasn’t sure.

I don’t care for rebuilder but CCE>Shrink.


I just dont use ReBuilder blindly. If the particular DVD has large sized Extras (approx 15-20% or more of the dvd) then I simply do Movie only as the extras consume to much space on the final DVDR and lower the movies quality unacceptably. For movie only I now just use Shrink in Reauther mode but set to No Compression, then run that through ReBuilder. Else I just use DVD2SVCD for movie only, both give excellent results.

but if u don’t care much about the extras includeing the dvd warnings and crap u can use rebuilders “Steal apace from the extras” at 25%