DVD Rebuilder v0.98.2 Freeware (Limited) Edition with HCEnc

This is a short guide for doing the title .
Some of it may not be be necessary but it is how I’ve done mine.
When doing the install Uncheck the following as in the images:

You will be installing a newer HCEnc but leave it checked.

I’m using the HCEnc v26 beta but you may want v25 instead.
Both available here:
Unzip it to your C:\Program Files\DVD-RB\HCenc folder.
You need to create the HCenc folder. I have several versions in mine
each with it’s own folder.

From it you need to copy & paste these files into the main DVD-RB folder:
HCenc_025.exe & HC.ini
Then from C:\Program Files\DVD-RB\HCenc\HC025\misc\adaptive_matrix
In the Rebuilder.ini file under [Options] add this HC=HC.ini
under [Paths]
Change : HC=C:\Program Files\DVD-RB\Encoders\HC Encoder\HCbatch.EXE
to : HC=C:\Program Files\DVD-RB\HCenc_025.exe

Change : DECOMB=C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\Decomb521.dll
to : DECOMB=C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\Decomb.dll
Add this line:
NICAUDIO=C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\NicAudio.dll
This is where to get the last two:
Select :“Mine” at left then “Decomb Filter Package” .

This has the NicAudio.dll I use

Put those in:
C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins

In The Mode pulldown Select HC Encoder Mode .
I don’t use the One Click Mode but I like to make sure each of the three steps have completed.

This is my HC.ini file .You might or might not like the settings .
*MATRIX mpeg
*ASPECT 16:9

In the Options pulldown : Setup make sure the paths are correct to the files.

What this tool do ? confused

DVD Rebuilder is a program designed to reduce the size of dvd-video to fit onto single layer blank dvds. The output will be superior to that seen from transcoders like DVDShrink or DVDFab, especially for large movies that require a lot of compression.

Not too many people still compress dvd-video, as optical storage is dying out. And those who store their movies on hard drives, and wish to save room, are converting to H264 mp4 or mkv files, which is something that DVD Rebuilder cannot do. The heyday of dvd-video compression was probably four to five years ago now, which is reflected in the age of this free program.

But for those times you need such a compression program, this one is outstanding. It uses one of the very best free mpeg2 encoders in HCenc, and as cholla pointed out, you can use the latest versions of HCenc in this older program.

Kerry answered it well.
For me I still compress to DVD format for backups.
I also use the hard drives for this.
It takes longer to convert to H264 mp4 or mkv files but usually the results are an even better backup copy.
The reason I posted this thread was to a PM question .
It is much easier to post images in the forum than by PM.

The images are for the installation & the rest is for getting it set up to do the best job it can do.
This mostly applies to the Free version.
I don’t have the Pro version but I’ve discussed it some with those that do .
It is different .