Dvd Rebuilder the best?



I have read on various boards the DvdRebuilder is among the best shrink/burners on the market. Does anyone have any opinions on how it performs as to other’s such as DvdFab platinum,Dvd Shrink Imgburn etc,?


DVD Rebuilder is the only software I use for compression. Love it!


Rebuilder is compression software only. It uses god quality free encoders or you can purchase CCE Basic from Cinema Craft, who make pro encoders, and use that within Rebuilder.
Use ImgBurn to burn your creation later.
I do not use Fab, but Shrink is OK to do compression about 85% of original, any more and it is not so hot.
There was a post by its author to explain why, but my connection to it is not working any more, may be it was deleted since that software was not updated for a while (closed because of ripping ability).