DVD Rebuilder Professional v1.00 (Final) released today

I just posted the article DVD Rebuilder Professional v1.00 (Final) released today.

feedback10k used our news submit to tell us that "one of the most highly regarded high quality backup program on the market is going to be released today, on its final version. VIPs (those…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10963-DVD-Rebuilder-Professional-v1_00-Final-released-today.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10963-DVD-Rebuilder-Professional-v1_00-Final-released-today.html)

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:g nice one exactly the news i was looking for i am the lucky one who has donated $10 have to test the final release, betas we’re awsome

Good software, unfortunately for me the real value of the program was in its free nature. Not sure it merits the price tag for me personally, who is only an occasional user.

This is why I’ve donated! The Pro version is just a nice “side-effect” :wink:

I havnt yet got the download link in my inbox :frowning:

From the author: “I’ve changed it to the 8th… getting it finished and mailed today isn’t realistic.”

I also have not yet received the download link!

He had some real life problems and has delayed the release until tomorrow. It will definitely be worth the wait. The pro version, for all that haven’t used it, has a LOT of nice features that the free version does not have. A VERY nice product IMO.

The release is delayed till October 8th, 2005 E.D.T. USA. Another 24 hour cycle is not long to wait for such a High Quality product.:slight_smile: Please consider the International dateline as to the proper day in the USA. :S:)

It is out now and being delivered!!!:b:)

Indeed. And it ROCKS!