DVD-Rebuilder + Procoder worse quality than 1click?!?

Today I wanted to back up my Criterion DVD of “M”, the famous Fritz Lang film. First I used DVD Rebuilder, with the Procoder 2 encoder. Because it’s a foreign film and I needed the subtitles, I went with a complete backup for DVD-5, menus and extras. I used the “Steal 25% space from extras” option.

According to the DVD-RB status window, the video received a 58.3% reduction level. When it was done I played the DVD-5 backup, and while the picture quality is OK it certainly looks re-encoded.

For kicks I decided to back up the movie using 1ClickDVD. The strange thing is, still doing a complete backup for DVD-5 with menus and extras, just as I did with DVD-RB, 1Click came up with a 38% reduction level for the video AND extras. The resulting backup DVD looked markedly better.

I thought Procoder was supposed to produce the best picture quality for DVD-5 backups(?). I looked at the settings for both DVD-RB and Procoder but I can’t figure out why it used such a higher reduction level for the re-encoding.

Am I doing something wrong with DVD-Rebuilder, or do I need to change the settings? Any help or ideas appreciated. thanks!..