Dvd rebuilder problem



I recently installed the new version of DvdRebuilder onto my two computers. One works fine, the other will nor rconize the HC encoder, I unistalled/re-installed, same problem, then I downloaded the HC encoder directly into the program, still won’t recognize it I used the other free encoder and it worked. I’ve had this program for over a year and never had this problem.


I have the Pro version 1.27.1 installed. I usually just upgrade and not install over. I use CCE with it.


In your settings, make sure the path to HC reads HCBatch.exe


I just installed the up-grade over the full to see if it would change anything, the HC encoder started, but got a message “cant read Avisynth must abort”


Do you have 1.27.0 or 1.27.1? Get 1.27.1 if you have not already.

I received 2 emails today. But when i went to download i guess jdobbs fixed it before i got it. In other words i never got 1.27.0